Mikkel Thorup

Head of Customer Experience @Accentuate

Partnership: Customer Fields by Helium

Are you looking to create forms with support for customer metafields in your store? Then we would like to recommend Helium's Customer Fields app.

Customer Fields is a powerful, easy-to-use app that allows you to easily collect the customer data that you need, and we partnered up with them to give you an additional 20% discount on their subscriptions - simply just follow the link above.

Introducing: Automatic handling of large sets of repeatable values

ACF is now able to handle repeatable fields exceeding the 100,000 characters storage limit set by Shopify.

By distributing your content across multiple individual metafields, ACF is able to work around this limitation that has proven to be a challenge for some users with large sets of repeatable fields.

This feature is something you will need to enable on a per-field basis as the theme handling will be slightly different. You will find this setting for all fields types that can be defined as repeatable.

You can read more about this in our new article in the How to's section.